[Chan's Portfolio]

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Fender Squier Affinity Strat

GB& A Acoustic Guitar

My First Guitar- A semi Acoustic

My First Electric Guitar

[The Music I Listen To]

I am basically a Metalhead. My favourite bands are the Big 4- Megadeth,Metallica,Slayer and Anthrax. Megadeth is an
awesome band and I am a huge fan of Dave Mustaine. Not just the big4, I also love Motorhead and Iron Maiden. Pantera
taught me the beauty that lies in thrash metal and megadeth made me get addicted to thrash metal. Dream Theater
taught me to dream and Iron maiden taught me the way music is made.

The Metal Bands I love are:

The Rock bands I love the most are:

I even listen to Kelly Clarkson, MJ, Enrique Iglesias too. But once you go for metal, all the other music becomes slow
and less effective.

[Artists Who Inspired Me]

There are a few men because of whom my taste for good music has been discovered by me. It was Kurt Cobain and
Eric Clapton who inspired me to play music. The song "Layla" by Eric Clapton made me learn guitar. Only to play Layla,
I first started learning guitar. Later after watching and listening to Nirvana, I felt like Kurt Cobain. Why can't I be Kurt?
My real passion for music started then.Another song that really inspired me is "Sultans Of Swing" by Dire Straits. My
guitar hero is Buckethead. Initially when I started listening to metal, it was Dave Mustaine but after my journey in the
ocean of music gained some experience, Buckethead became my inspiration.

[Instruments I Play]

I play Guitar and Keyboard. I have a basic knowledge in drumming too. I own 3 guitars(earlier, it was four but I sold
my givson electric) My equipment isn't so good but I do make the best use of them. I generally compose music for my
games. I generally play music on the instruments and then digitally mix them. I don't like the music to be dominated by
the technology. Music that is played on instruments is much better than the music which is created electronically. Soon, I
will upload some of my works here. So wait for them.