[Chan's Portfolio]

Ongoing Projects

I am currently working on three projects. Firstly, I brought down majority of tutorials from Magnetic Thumbs as I am
making interactive tutorials. Reading E-books is a thing but learning something when the tutorial is interactive is much
better. I am currently working on new series of tutorials on DarkBasic Pro Game Design, PhP, HTML5 and CSS 3.0.

After that, I plan to finish the game I have started. It is Blood Thirst.Only the world building and compiling is left. I have
already made the game but am really dissatisfied by the levels. So I am re-designing the levels. It is a survival
horror game.

Next, I want to focus on creating some new music. I already have some pieces composed but would like to improvise on
them and re-record.

Future Projects

1.  I am planning to design games for Android platform using JAVA.
2. All the future tutorials on Magnetic Thumbs would be interactive.
3. I am also planning to make video tutorials for beginner guitar players. The tutorials would be in such a way that
  a person who has no knowledge in playing guitar should be able to play metal music.

Are you talented?

You can help me in my projects and games. If a game is published, the profit would be shared by the entire team. So
think about it. If you are a talented musician, You can help me in composing or digitally altering it. If you are good at
any programming language, you can create content in Magnetic Thumbs and the website revenue is shared by the
content creators.